Updated on:26/04/2023

If x,yR and x2+y2+xy=1, then find the minimum value of x3y+xy3+4.



this question belongs to our and X square + Y square + x square is equal to 1 then we need to find the minimum value of x cube + y cube + 4 square + Y square + xy equal to 1 square + Y square equals to 1 - x square greater than equal to zero real value Congress we can say xy will be less than equal to 1 Nagin Hindi first question mark
question 1 Sunday some question self ad x y to left and right inside of the town then I will become X + y whole square oneplus x y greater than equal to zero is greater than 20 to got the range of exploit x y equal to 12 coming back to the question
cube cube + y cube + 400 x cube + y cube Nagpur function we need to find the minimum value of Earth ticket for common what is the mean oneplus X square + Y square + 4 pension of x square + Y square weekend right 1 - x square with equation 1 x y 1 - x square Satpur no x y minus x square y square Nagpur
1 - common what are the main x square y square - x square MI Note 4 do one thing ad 1 by 4 and add and subtract 1 by 4 Hindi question Maine facts from the record x y minus 1 by 2 whole square we have added and separated what will remain wear for 16 17 1 - inside so strong will be 17 by 4 minus x square minus 1 by 2
and minimum value of this function alright then we need to put the minimum value of x what is the minimum value -1 -1 2 + 1 so we'll put the value -1 what will 74 - open minus 1 by 2 x minus 3 by 2 whole square 17 by 4 - 954 that meant x y minimum reequil 2799 814 S 200 ka answer thank you


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