Updated on:26/04/2023

If x=5+3 and y=53, then x4y4



hello student hair question is if x = 2 x square root 5 + root 3 and Y = 2 x square root 5 minus root 3 then x to the power 4 minus y to the power 4 ok so what I'm going to do I am going to write x to the power 4 x square x square minus y to the power 4 as why is quite to this by this will be come x square minus y square into X square + Y square ok this is a square minus b square this will become egg minus y Into X + Y and you like this X square + b square x + Y to the whole square - 2 x y ok so I am going to find x minus y
so when we subtract both x minus y will be 2 root 3 what is X + y by x + Y is equals to 2 root 5 and what is xy xy will 5 - 3 that is a + b into a minus b square minus b square is equal to 23 custom into second term X + Y that is root 5 x + Y square and X + Y is route 520 - 285 what is expired to 2 into 2
2016 this is for 6464 root 50 and this is our answer thank you a student


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