If x<0,\ y<0 such that x y=1 , then write the value of tan^(-1)x+tan^(-1)y .



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Updated On: 30-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59if x is less than zero why is also less than zero such that X and Y is equals to 1 then write the value of tan inverse of X + 10 inverse of why right now let first night what you are given we have given that X is less than zero it is also given that why is also less than zero and X into Y is equals to right now we're in this question we have to find the value of this that 10 inverse of X + 10 inverse of Y is equal is equal to what we know that we can digest and inverse of X + 10 inverse of y as inverse of X + Y divided by 1 minus b we can I just inverse of X + tan inverse of y is equals to
01:00 - 01:59tan inverse of X + 1 divided by 1 minus one now let the solve so here it is WhatsApp SDM given that acceleration zero and why is obsolescence to let our access X is equals to let - of a and y also equals to minus b minus or Be Right Here is A and B are the positive numbers so it is as - of a minor sorry divided by 1 minus you can see that extend 2 Y is equals to 1 so we can I did as -1 now my father solving this week and it inverse of minus of a b - of -1 and 1
02:00 - 02:5918 years ago and we know that any number divided by zero as ten univers this numerator part is whole of minus minus Tum this part is complete or negative negative term having new latest negative term and having denominator is so it is zero now one by any number divided by zero that is infinity and here we are having negative so tan inverse of minus of infinity light and we know that a number that is let me right here that tan inverse of not and we can write any known as 10 of minus theta is equals to minus 10 theta
03:00 - 03:59is equal to minus 10 theta so by that we can I test 10 inverse of minus of this Infinity as 10 of fibre to turn on bye-bye to and from here it is 10 10 of 10 inverse of minus 5 by 2 minus 5 by 2 light and we also know that there is an identity that is as it that tan inverse of tan theta tan theta is equals to Peter Wright Brothers belongs to minus of 5822 private right from a Jaaye
04:00 - 04:59whether it is equals to minus 5 minus of pivot and as the question is find the value of tan inverse of X + tan inverse of why so we can see that this is equals to minus 5 by 2 and that there is a final answer

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