If X is A.M. of tan(pi/9) and tan ((5pi)/18) and y is A.M. of tan(pi/9) and tan((7pi)/18), then



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Updated On: 26-4-2021

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x > yx = yy = 2xx = 2y

Answer :
Solution :
`2x=tan20^(@)+tan50^(@)` <br> `=(sin(20^(@)+50^(@)))/(cos20^(@)cos50^(@))` <br> `=(sin70^(@))/(sin70^(@)tan40^(@))=(1)/(sin40^(@))` <br> `2y=tan20^(@)=tan70^(@)` <br> `=(sin(20^(@)+70^(@)))/(cos20^(@)cos70^(@))` <br> `=(2)/(2cos 20^(@)sin20^(@))=(2)/(sin40^(@))` <br> `therefore y=(1)/(sin40^(@))=2x`



00:00 - 00:59so the question is if x is arithmetic mean of tan pi by 9 and 10 5518 and why is the automatic mean of tan pi by 9 and 10 7518 then X is greater than y x is equals to y y equals to 2 x 9 X = 22 vi automatic main means value of 2 X is equals to tan pi by 9 + x 5 by 18 we can write the value of a 3 hour turn off 9 Pie -4 5.18 build divided 989 4518 so turn off pi by 2 minus 2 pi by 9 we know that tan 90 minus theta is cot theta so
01:00 - 01:59tan pi by 9 class this is called to pi by 9 and we can write Court to 5 minus one upon tan to pi by 9 this is a value of theta and this is to so this is a tan 2 theta formula for tan 2 theta minus 2 tan theta upon 1 minus sin square theta + 1 - x square by 9 upon to turn 5193 the LCM so to dance square pi by 9 plus one minus 10 square
02:00 - 02:599 upon to Turn 5 by night so the value of 2x will be 1 + tan square 9 upon to 10 by night and this is the first equation now we will solve for the why letters 2 Y is equal to tan pi by 9 + 10 of 75 by 18 again we can write 7518 as turn off 95 - 25 by 18 so this is 95 18 - 25 18 so tan of Pi by 2 minus 5 by 9 so this is again time 90 minus theta data is called theta and we can write cot theta + 1 upon tan theta so
03:00 - 03:59tan pi by 9 + 1 upon x 9 come 1 + tan square pi by 9.10 bye bye 9 this is a value of 50 divide two by two will do the same value of equation 1 battles equal to 2 X so so why is equals to 2 X that is option 33

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