If X and Y are two sets, then X(YX)'equals


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if x and y are two sex 10x intersection why intersection X complement equals ok here it is given that X intersection Y intercept X complement ok we know that a intersection b complement can be written as a compliment Union B complement ok so on using and using this identity I can write here X intersection b complement ok bye complement Union X complement so we know that Union and intersection follow the associative property so I can write hair X intersection wide as ok Union X intersection Exodus ok so it is complement we know that we know that is set and date is set and its complement intersection is 5 so from here I can write X
intersection wide as Union 5 ok we know that if we do union union of any set with 5 then the value remains same on that is this site only so from here I can say that our answer is X intersection b complement so the option for each correct answer ok so thank you

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