Updated on:30/05/2023

If x and y vary inversely as each other, and x=10 when y=6. Find y when x=15



given question say that if x and y vary inversely as each other and x is equal to 10 when Y is equal to 6 find Y when x is equal to 15 so the question itself is saying that x and y are wearing University then a letter write down what we are given the question we are given that when X is equals to 10 vi 6 vs able to find out the value of Y when x is equal to 15 let's assume the value of Y to be a known as this is the case of inverse variation therefore we know that in the two quantities A and B are in inverse variation then inverse variation then the product of these two quantities that is a x b will always be constant therefore the product of 10 x
will be equal to 15 x so we can write this has 10 x 10 x is equals to 15 x which will give a 60 is equals to 15 a will be equal to 60 divided by 15 15 x 460 so we have is equal to 4 and this is what we were supposed to find in this question with find the value of a when the find the value of Y when x is equal to 15 so what is a week so we can write down that Y is equals to a is equal to 4 when x is equal to 15 when X is equals to 15 that's all thank you


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