If x+2\ is a factor of x^2+m x+14 , then m= <br>(a) 7 <br>(b) 2 <br>(c) 9 <br>(d) 14



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Updated On: 8-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question say that if X + 2 is a factor of X raise to the power 2 + 3 X + 14 then Amazon close to what we are supposed to find out the value of m where the options are 729 14 no first four letters understand what we mean when we say that x minus 1 is a factor of the polynomial 3 X what do we mean is that if we quit x minus 20 find the value of x from their put this value of x in place of wax in the polynomial then we should get a zero if we are getting a zero we will see that x minus A is a factor of the polynomial now the question itself is there Express to is a factor of the polynomial X denote this polynomial by polynomial PX we have expressed to visit Spectre equate X + 220
01:00 - 01:59find the value of x that is -2 now because at Assurance that we managed to should give us because we are given in the question that X + 2 is a factor of the polynomial supporting -2 in the polynomial should give us a 0 9 let's put x is equals to minus 2 in the following polynomial in this polynomial will have X square + 10 X + 14 x square will give us - 2 raised to the power 2 + MX + 14 + 14 is equal to zero main to raise to the power to is 4 + X - 24 - 2 + 14 is equal to zero Mithun ki bus -2 M + 18 is equal to zero to -2 will be equal to minus 18 M will be equal to -1 get cancelled out and
02:00 - 02:5918/2 which he was m is equal to 9 so the value of MS 9 knowledge go to the options option 1 season 7 which is not correct option dishes that to which is also not correct option she says that 9 which is the correct option option d is 14 which is also not correct that's all thank you

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