If ` x - (1)/(x) = y , x ne 0 , `find the value of ` (x- (1)/ (x) - 2y ) ^(3)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
` - y^(3)`


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hello friend question is if x minus one by x is equal to y where I could not equal to zero find the value of in bracket x minus one by x minus 2 y whole cube question we are given that Diwali x minus one by x is equal to y axis not equal to zero power bi need to find is the value of x minus one by x minus 2 whole cube in place of x minus one by X we can put why this becomes by minus 2 by which is equal to minus 5 is equal to minus 1 to 20 -

minus sign remains as it is and why you ok this is the final

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