if w is a complex cube root to unity then value of <br> Delta =|{:(a_(1)+b_(1)w,,a_(1)w^(2)+b_(1),,c_(1)+b_(1)bar(w)),(a_(2)+b_(2)w,,a_(2)w^(2)+b_(2),,c_(2)+b_(2)bar(w)),(a_(3)+b_(3)w,,a_(3)w^(2)+b_(3),,c_(3)+b_(3)bar(w)):}| is



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`Delta =|{:(a_(1)+b_(1)w,,a_(1)w^(2)+b_(1),,c_(1)+b_(1)hat(w)),(a_(2)+b_(2)w,,a_(2)w^(2)+b_(2),,c_(2)+b_(2)hat(w)),(a_(3)+b_(3)w,,a_(3)w^(2)+b_(3),,c_(3)+b_(3)hat(w)):}|` <br> `" Operating " C_(2) to wC_(2) ` we have <br> `Delta =(1)/(w) |{:(a_(1)+b_(1)w,,a_(1)w^(2)+b_(1),,c_(1)+b_(1)hat(w)),(a_(2)+b_(2)w,,a_(2)w^(2)+b_(2),,c_(2)+b_(2)hat(w)),(a_(3)+b_(3)w,,a_(3)w^(2)+b_(3),,c_(3)+b_(3)hat(w)):}|` <br> `=(1)/(w)|{:(a_(1)+b_(1)w,,a_(1)+b_(1)w,,c_(1)+b_(1)hat(w)),(a_(2)+b_(2)w,,a_(2)+b_(2)w,,c_(2)+b_(2)hat(w)),(a_(3)+b_(3)w,,a_(3)+b_(3)w,,c_(3)+b_(3)hat(w)):}|` <br> `=0`



00:00 - 00:59questions of a complex cube root of unity then the value of determinant is applied properties of determinants as well as the properties of cube root of unity college write the value of determinant is Delta is equals to 1 + 1 Omega 1 omega square + b 1 scene 1 + 1 Omega write the all the rows and columns A2 + B2 maker a to omega square + B2 C2 Plus V2 Omega Conjuring A3 + B3 Omega 8283 omega square + B3 + C3 Omega computer support superb
01:00 - 01:59let me call of the properties of determinants of call I'll be doing and multiplying the column to write so Apartment applying of my then you will be divided by old value of determinant be divided by side by side so let's multiply column S with Omega 1 Omega 1 will remain as a A2 + B2 Mega A3 + B3 9 x which the column s Omega cube plus b 1 Omega A2 + B2 Omega 3 and Omega Cube + B3 Omega and third column will remain at the fever plus Deewana make a call to get C2 plus bi to
02:00 - 02:59make a call 3 + B3 Omega conjugate so as we can apply the property of cube root of unity over here that we know the product of the value of Omega that is equal to 12 putting that value in this second column oneplus 31822 Omega A3 + B3 Omega 1 + 1 Omega A2 + B2 Omega 3 + 1 + 1 Omega conjugates C2 + B2 Omega kaun si 3 + B3 maker I can see that the Kollam Kollam to SIM we all know that if two columns to rows are exactly identical then the value of determinant
03:00 - 03:59that is equal to zero

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