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Different Products Of Vectors And Their Geometrical Applications


If veca,vecb,vecc are three mu...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`veca+vecb+vecc` `veca/|veca|+vecb/|vecb|+vecc/|vecc|``veca/|veca|^(2)+vecb/|vecb|^(2)+vecc/|vecc|^(2)``|veca|veca-|vecb|vecb+|vecc|vecc`

Answer : b
Solution : Let `vecalpha= veca/|veca|+vecb/|vecb|+vecc/|vecc|` <br> since, `veca , vecb and vecc` ar mutually perpendicular vectors, if `vecalpha` makes angles `theta, phi,psi" with " veca,vecb and vecc,` respectively, then <br> `vecalpha.veca= (veca.veca)/|veca|` <br> `or |vecalpha|.|veca|costheta = |veca|` <br> `or cos theta= 1/|vecalpha|` <br> similarly, `cos theta = 1/|vecalpha| . cos psi = 1/|vecalpha|` <br> `theta= phi = psi`

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If a vector b vector C vector three mutually perpendicular vectors then the vector which is equally inclined to these vectors is so what we have given that a b c are three mutually perpendicular vectors and then the vector with equally inclined to these vector is there let us consider a vector Alpha so we can write it as a vector by Mod a vector + b vector by Mod b vector + b vector by Mod C vector and sense a vector b vector and C vector are mutually perpendicular vector mutually perpendicular vector as it is given in the question so if Alpha vector

angle theta 5 or Sahi with vector A B and C then we can write alphabet letter by multiplying it with a vector in both side we get a vector dot a vector by Mod a vector or we can write it as Alpha vector dot a vector cos theta is equals to a vector and also it is written as cos theta is equals to 1 by alphabeta so similarly similarly we can write cost

5 equals one by Alpha vector and also cause Sahi equal one by Alpha vector which means that angle theta is equals to angle 5 equal to angle Sahi and hence we let alpha as a vector by Mod a vector + b vector by Mod b vector + b vector b vector so with satisfying our condition so option B is the correct answer


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