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Different Products Of Vectors And Their Geometrical Applications


If veca,vecb and vecc are thre...

If `veca,vecb and vecc` are three non-coplannar vectors, then prove that `(|hataxx(hatbxxhatc)|)/sinA=(|hatbxx(hatcxxhata)|)/sinB=(|hatcxx(hataxxhatb)|)/sin C = (prod|hata xx(hatbxx hatc)|)/(| sum hatn_(1) sinalpha cosbeta cosgamma|)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Since `veca,vecb and vecc` are non - coplanar, vectors `vecaxxvecb,vecb xxveccandveccxxveca` are also non-coplanar. Let <br> `vecd=l(vecbxxvecc)+vecm(veccxxveca)+vecn(vecaxxvecb)` <br> now multiplying both sides of (i) scalarly by `veca` we have <br> `veca.vecd=lveca.(vecbxxvecc)+mveca.(veccxxveca)+nveca.(vecaxxvecb)=l[vecavecc veca]([veca vecc veca]=0=[veca veca vecb])` <br> `l=(veca.vecd)//[veca vecb vecc]` <br> putting these values oif l,nm and n and (i) , we get the required relation.


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