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If |veca|=4, |vecb|=4 and |vec...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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our discussion is given that may need of age 44 and she is also given that is 5 such that ad is perpendicular to sum of VMC water 20 litre samosa and similarly C is perpendicular to sum of a and b vector means that there is no pencil to sum of other two letters OK then we need to find the value of this particular expression that is magnitude of vector a + b + c ok 4 options are given it is given that is perpendicular to b + c 20 February C plus a and c is perpendicular to a + b ok so we know that If two vectors are perpendicular that it is always equal to zero so here I can write the dot weight of a vector with b + c v ok 12 = 20 because both the vectors are perpendicular ok so from here but I can conclude that every vector and plus I will die

this vector there's some will be equal to zero ok now it is also given that be wet it is permitted to C plus is a vector b c plus a these two vectors in this way it will be also = 20 and from here I can ok this is equation ok and from here I can conclude that plus I will write a m a value it will be equal to zero equation of War 2 ok no similarly perform same operation here it is given that sweetheart here I will write a + b vector ok this combination will also be close to zero because it is also permitted so 3rd equation will be it is equals to zero this question number 3 no hair we need to find the value of this expression ok

so if I'll just write this a + b vector + b vector ok so if file write the square here like this its value will be equal to a + b + c v ok similarly a + b + c vector this worked well you ok now open up the brackets share what will get after opening the back and they will get a dot ok + 8 + ok now here multiply with me now ke and rest I am writing hair down it will be seen that a + b + c dot see this expression ok now here you can see it can be written as a multitude square

Idli it will be written as Bhim attitude square and this will be written as she magnitudes square ok so first let's write these three ok so I will read my due date is less magnitude of b square and + magnitude of c square ok now what are the terms left her look now look at the equation number 1 ab will be zero so it won't be here and this is a Doshi so some of these two ok these two will be equal to zero CEO + 0 ok sunao this food and select ok no equation to B.Sc plus B.Ed is also zero so B.Sc IT will you all sequence 207 Ali using question 3 we can say this will be also Kuchh 200 ke and this is equal to what this is the magnitude square value a + b + c square whole square this is square ok

not only because too many draw a b and c it is given for four and five in the question ok put the values it will be four square + Y square and it will be 50 hole ok it will be 16 + 16 this is 16 and plus 25 ok so this value complete it will be Kuchh 257 ok so this is square value but we need to find the value of a + b + c vector magnitude so it will be worth it will be a Red Square Root square root of 57a ok now matched with options here you can see option for is matching with the answer so this is the right answer thank you

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