Class 12






Scalar And Vector Products Of Three Vectors


If veca=2hati+3hatj+hatk, vecb...

If `veca=2hati+3hatj+hatk, vecb=hati-2hatj+hatk` and `vecc=-3hati+hatj+2hatk`, then `[veca vecb vecc]=`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : We have <br> `[veca vecb vecc]=|(2,3,1),(1,-2,1),(-3,1,2)|` <br> `implies[veca vecb vecc]=2(-4-1)-3(2+3)+1(1-6)` <br> `implies[veca vecb vecc]=-10-15-5=-30`


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this question is given that is better it is given by 2i + 3 J + k at a big in my Studio + K cap vertices - + J + 2 k cap and we need to find determinant of ABC AB is Oxford ok so that's right here this is a b and c vector so we know that this is a b and c be determined it will be what let me show you the coefficients of eye care ok to or attribute is one and forward to see it is minus 3 then coefficients of J 3 - 2 and 1 at the end portions of ke ok one but and to so now this is needed when we need to solve this riddle me that will get the value of this ABC didn't ok but it did so we know how to solve this this is to OK - 2 x 2

- 4 - of one OK - of three this will be to -1 and -2 kam plus 3 ok this is a simple way of just calculate determinant value ok now hair plus one it will be one minus 3 minus plus two it will be minus a x 3 x 6 ok so let's find the value of this address to X Mysore mention that is minus 5 minus 3 X this will be five year and this is one minus x minus y square ok now solve the value this will be -10 this will be -15 and this is -5 itself so ola in -2 add all the things 1015 25 and 45 that is 30 of -30 locate this option to sing -30 so this is a great asset