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Class 12






Scalar And Vector Products Of Three Vectors


If veca, vecb, vecc are any th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`0``[(veca, vecb, vecc)]``2[(veca, vecb, vecc)]``=3[(veca, vecb, vecc)]`

Answer : D
Solution : Clearly, <br> `[(veca+vecb+vecc, veca-vecc, veca-vecb)]` <br> `=|(1,1,1),(1,0,-1),(1,-1,0)|=[(veca, vecb, vecc)]=-3[(veca , vecb, vecc)]`


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scalar triple product this equation is which will be the representation of it will be written as a + b + c cross multiplication of this event reminder sweater and the am the one Justin Bieber come out to be a vector cross b vector cross B minus minus plus

we see the deep breath and having the same that is sensitive meaning that which is perpendicular to the end of this

this week about 20-30 the only remaining part which will be come out from the will be - event be the next time the give give the vector which is perpendicular to the give the vector which is perpendicular to CD and the the which is equal to be directed by which process

the same reason is supplied from here we see that into which is equal to properties of this collectible vintage collectible product will be returned the situation is sim free vector + b vector + b vector this item also seem possible now here we will let the term of b and c b vector equation we see that this will be converted into csv with the

BBC and representation from Chandigarh ibc24 to be - 3abc answer of this value so thank you


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