Updated on:30/05/2023

If a,bandc are three vectors such that a×b=c,b×c=a,c×a=b then prove that |a|=b=|c|



when in this question is given that if a vector b vector a and vector b c are three vectors such that a cross b is equal to see ok because it is given equal to vector a and c cross 8 is given to equals to be better than we need to prove that magnitude of a is equal to a b and similarly it is equal to manual of C ok so far so let's set the thing that is given to syndication it is given that cross product of A and B ok it will give us wait to see similarly prospect of BMC water bill gives better ok and loss cause Moto c and a vector it will give us wait to be ok so what will to wear simple very simple question it is so a cross videos given to us so let's do this with sea water so it Tahir ok now what will be the value of this week and rewrite this as
A B and C bit like this ok I can I did that like this ok Sweet will be close to many Deuda c square ok now similarly if I'll just shot put this because she filed this vector a ok I can write this has ok I can read this function is this schedule b = 2 minute of a square ok now perform similar operation here c cross 8 is given its not worth it with b b b b b ok I can relate this is she a and b vector combined it will be equal to magnitude of vector b square ok now we know that a b c vector ok determinant of ABC Baithe it is equal to determinant of BCA B ok and it is also equal to 10 metre
a ok all are equal ok so let's put the values of them here its value is magnitude of c square it will be equal to magnitude of here is square it will be Kuchh medabyss kar ok aur I can ride it was like I did you the way it will be kuch married udemy it will be causing my you don't see ok so this is what we need to prove in the question so we have proved here thank you


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