If veca, vecb and vecc are non-coplanar vectors, prove that the four points 2veca+3vecb-vecc, veca-2vecb+3vecc, 3veca+4vecb-2vecc and veca-6vecb+ 6 vecc are coplanar.



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Updated On: 22-4-2021

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Solution :
Let the given points be `A, B, C and D`. If they are coplanar, then the three coterminous vectors <br> `vec(AB), vec(AC) and vec(AD)` should be coplanar. <br> `" "vec(AB)=vec(OB)-vec(OA)=-veca-5vecb+4vecc` <br> `" "vec(AC) = vec(OC)-vec(OA)=veca+vecb-vecc` <br> and `" "vec(AD)=vec(OD)-vec(OA)=-veca-9vecb+7vecc` <br> Since the vectors `vec(AB), vec(AC), vec(AD)` are coplanar, we must have `|{:(-1,,-5,,4),(1,,1,,-1),(-1,,-9,,7):}|=0`, which is true. <br> Hence proved.



00:00 - 00:59hello this question it is given that if a vector b vector and sea water or non coplanar vectors then we have to prove that the Four Points ok letter to a 3 B minus C and this is a managed to be plus 3 C and this is three plus 4 V -2 see at last a 16 bit corporator ok so we have to prove that Four Points are coplanar so late for if I let Four Points b a b c and d respectively so this will be main wait this will be my OB and OC and SC order wait simple so let me just write this better than will try to solve it ok so consider a b c and d are the Four Points ok and as a set this is this is o b o d so if I have to prove
01:00 - 01:59these four points A B C D are coplanar than their vectors that is ab BC and AD must be ko Vinay so if I'll prove that a b c and d are coplanar then we can conclude that this Four Points are coplanar in order to prove ab BC and AD is coplanar what will do will just might ab so let me right that point So I decide if these Four Points are coplanar then their practice that is ab BC and AD should be coplanar so will prove that a b c and d are coplanar so how we can find AB BC and AD ok so ab is equals to what look ab so ab will be - trick for this is we just subtract this way at this vector ok similarly if I am se
02:00 - 02:59that I need to find AC AC will be back with vitamins - we'd better that is ok and if I have to find a d ok if I have to find it will be Audi - ok so if AB AB AB - means this worked ok this vector minus this sweater ok so look a minus 2 a will be Main Se Hoke Plus now look -2 b - 3b will be Manasvi ok these are wet wet wet abhi and similarly minus 3 minus into minus plus we'll see so
03:00 - 03:5924c ok similarly will just calculate AC and AIDS landscaping that part ok these are vectors A B Ed and here let me rephrase that - because my space will become - so I can write this ok this is my a bit so I said in order to prove that Four Points are collinear I'll prove that these three vectors are coplanar coplanar how I can prove that these three vectors are coplanar the determinant must be equal to zero so here are all right here coefficient of reinforce column -11 and -1 of Adobe that will you -5 hair highlight one it will be - 94 - 17 ok not will check whether this is equal to zero not so - 1 bracket 7 -
04:00 - 04:599 ok Naidu live - and minus plus 5 ok so 7 - 1 ok now it will you plus 400 - 9 and + 1 ok so on solving this water get on solving this equation on solving this but I'll get Gate hai zero escape that work because this is very easy calculation so it will be zero so if the determinant of this with these three vectors is equal to zero means these three vectors are coplanar and these three vectors are coplanar then we can conclude that ABCD are coplanar points are coplanar selected at that point so either side ab and add Jaipur that their Cobra because their retirement is equals to zero then we can say that a b c and d are coplanar

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