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If vec rdot vec a= vec rdot v...

If vec rdot vec a= vec rdot vec b= vec rdot vec c=0,w h e r e vec a , vec b ,a n d vec c are non-coplanar, then a. vec r_|_( vec cxx vec a) b. vec r_|_( vec axx vec b) c. vec r_|_( vec bxx vec c) d. vec r= vec0



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59precaution is If a vector is equal to 17 is equal to a circle is equal to zero where a vector b vector theatre are non ko then we have four options here to find the correct answer so here we have given that let that our method is not equal to let our water is not equal to zero then are vector dot a vector is equals to a dot b vector is equal vector dot vector this whole value is equals to zero because our a vector b vector and b vector are coplanar ko planar then which is contradiction from here we can say that our are vector is equals to zero that is our of 70 thank you

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