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If vec d= vec axx vec b+ vec...

If vec d= vec axx vec b+ vec bxx vec c+ vec cxx vec a is non-zero vector and |( vec d * vec c)( vec axx vec b)+( vec d* vec a)( vec bxx vec c)+( vec d*vec b)( vec cxx vec a)|=0, then a.| vec a|=| vec b|=| vec c| b. | vec a|+| vec b|+| vec c|=|d| c. vec a , vec b ,a n d vec c are coplanar d. none of these



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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone in this question we have directed equal to a cross b + b cos theta + 3 cos A is a non zero vector and magnitude of dy.ce x a cross b + 3 X Bigg Boss 3 + 3 x c cross a = 20 then which of the following options are correct and therefore options are so my back Teddy here is a cross b + b Cross c plus c cross to find now let's first finder.co feud with C then you have to do not everyone will see this is the cross 3.3 this week raw ciie.co we have + c cross a.co I can write it as did not see this is killed
01:00 - 01:59triple product of a b c plus this is scalar triple product of BCC and this is scalar triple product of CSE right now this 20-20 sorry dy.cm ABC right D killer triple product of ABC if I talk about d.no if you got this my creation one with a this will become a b which is zero this is will become a b c and this will be come again zero CA that is zero so I can again right it as ABC right now if I dotted with the then this will become zero because we have a two-time ABB this is this will become weak against Hero this will become CA which is equals to abc these are the properties of scalar triple product right so I got my all values not in my given expression we have
02:00 - 02:59what we have we have dy.ce x a cross b + X V Cross c d e x c Cross A and its magnitude is and its magnitude is 0 9 in place of Duty 3 d.al.ad I can write ABC know if I take ABC common scalar triple product of ABC common than we have this we have a cross b + b cross C + c cross a = 20 from where I can say that ABC 000 aur I can say a cross b + b Cross c plus c cross a it's
03:00 - 03:59attitude = 20 now as per the option I can say options the is the correct option because if scalar triple product of a b c is more than I can say a b c are coplanar vectors are coplanar vectors right and this is my final thank you

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