If vec a ,\ vec b ,\ vec c are unit vectors such that vec a+ vec b+ vec c= vec0 find the value of vec adot vec b+ vec bdot vec c+ vec cdot vec adot'



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Updated On: 23-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone the question is if a b c are unit vectors such that a + b + C is equal to zero so we have to find the value of vector a and vector b + vector b vector + vector vector a so firstly we are given that A B and C are unit vectors that means Mod of a is equal to MOD of b is equal to model see that is equal to 1 and we are also given that a vector + b vector + b vector is equal to zero so you can also say that Mod of a + b + c is also Hero ok now if you take a + b + C whole square we have a + b + C whole square is equal to MOD a square + b square + c square +
01:00 - 01:592 x a dot b + b.cs she wrote a ok and we have a + b + c model zero so we have zero here is equal to square one plasmid because we'll also be one and mausi square will also be one services + 2 X 8GB last B.Sc + c not a OK so we have three plus voice of a dot b + me.cc not equal to zero from here we have the value of a dot b + B.Sc nursing not a as -3.2 ok so this is our
02:00 - 02:59final answer to the question thank you

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