If a and b be two non-collinear unit vector such that a×(a×b)=12b, then find the angle between a and b.


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this questionnaire given that is a vector and b vector b two non collinear unit vector such that a vector cross b vector cross b vector is equal to half and to be set up then we need to find out the angle between a letter app we will now we know that a vector cross b vector cross b vector can be written as a factor thought C vector in 2D vector minus a vector dot director into such a MB and write on the lhs the elections will be close to a vector dot b vector into a vector minus a vector not a vector in 2D vector and on the right and that we have have
director no comparing Coefficient on both the sides will get - of comparing the coefficient of we will get - of a vector sort a vector that is a vector magnitude of a vector square is equals to have that is we are getting magnitude of a vector square equals to minus of which is not possible since the square cannot be negative so we can say that the information information given in the question is inconsistent or not true

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