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If two coins are tossed once, ...

If two coins are tossed once, what is the probability of getting : <br> at least one head ?



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Updated On: 27-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59help us in this question we have given that two coins are tossed once and we need to find the probability of getting at least one head knowledge calculate it first of all we have given that a coin is tossed a coin is tossed twice toast toys so we can say that our sample space our sample space equals to H H H H H T th NTT sample space we can say that number of sample space number of samples is equal to four letv event event getting at least one ad getting at least one head at least one head now where we can see that in our sample space we need to find at least one has they are you had to this is correct these are also 21 head and one head and there are no head we have not
01:00 - 01:59this so we can say that our favourable outcomes favourable every Bal outcomes equals to outcomes equals to h h h t and T H so we can say that our total number of favourable outcomes total favourable outcomes equals to equals to we can see that now let support the sequel to an offer we can say that probability of probability of e equals to number of favourable outcomes / number of sample space on number of outcomes equal to 3 and number of sample space equal to 4 so we can say that is our answer thank you

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