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Class 11






The Straight Lines


If three points A(h ,0),\ P(a ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends permission is 3.0 and b0li online show that a + b y k is equal to one possible as you can send you think the three-point line ladke this is a that is 80 SSB aur can say it is right abhi lete this is v0 I can conclude one thing that the slope of line AP print definitely be equal to the slope of the line BP

and as you know if we have given two points that is Eczema Y1 and X2 Y2 then ask all of that is M is given by Y 2 - 51 divided by x minus y is meant by using this formula I can find the slope of AP that will be B minus zero divided by will be close to you will be camera we divide by zero give you after using cross multiplication method that will give you a minus b is equal to M into km and you can Adidas ab is equals to minus 1 minus plus

b h i can see we will be cancelled with this mess of A B and C are left with zero is equal to 1 + b h - 68 if I take this take the term of this HK on the site you will get hp is equal to 1 + bh101 thing I am dividing the whole equation by then get one here and you get a / HK restaurant it's almost sold will be cancelled and HB cancel their and your left with

average bbk is equal to 1 this is a required thing that we have to prove the required solution for this question thank you so much Prince

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