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If θ is an acute angle such that sec2θ=3 , then the value of tan2θcosec2θtan2θ+cosec2θ is (a) 47 (b) 37 (c) 27 (d) 17



acute angle find the value of x is equals to 3 listening to lies that we have sec theta is equals to root ok now if you sure that this will be a perpendicular this will be the base and this will be the happiness and you know that it is equals to that this implies that I bet you're not equals to root 3 and we have b is equals to 1 because having basic course root 3 by one that this ok
we have 3 root 3 and b is equals to 1 we can easily find the value for P ok so we know that x square is equals to just we have put the Pythagoras theorem of three to find a p square + 1 this imply peace prize goes to to this implies that please goes to route to ok now we're going to value for PC as well and that this implies that we can find the value of tan theta tan theta is equals to be that is we have proved to be 21 so this will be root 2 is equal to root 2 similarly similarly we can find the value of cosec theta
cosec theta is equals to perpendicular in a route to ok now we have any four the value of cosec theta so we can find it value of these values we have here to find the value for to find the value for tan squared theta minus cosec square theta / we have 10 square theta + cosec squared theta tan theta root 2 root 2 square root 3 root 2 whole square welding Vidha
route to whole square + root 3 by root 2 cos square A and B is equals to 2 minus 3 by 2 + 3 by 2 and X is equals to 1 by 2 / 7 by to cut down we have the answer 11 17 no options show the path is correct answer


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