If `theta=-1000^(@)`, determine the sign of `theta-cos theta`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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1000 degree minus minus 2008 quadrant value koshish positive so it is important you can also write it like this 10 - 2000 - 4000

can we can easily find out what will be the sign of this now 1000 Thousand into Radian ok convert into Radian we have to multiply 8859 we can also write 55 1965 - 4 carbon 9880 craft

PL 00062 it is 65 - 4 5 6 by minus minus 12 se direction from the fourth quarter to confirm that you can see the action from 11 to because it is added

ok so this value will be La in 4th quarter and we know we know that import quadrant value course is positive or negative to positive positive value because we know that this value lies input pattern and import quadrant value of postpone that's why so positive in minus b whole square minus 4

so this will be negative sign

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