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Class 9






Surface Area And Volume Of A Right Circular Cylinder Cone


If the volume of a right circu...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone in this question if the volume of a right circular cone is height 9 cm is 48 cm cube find the diameter of its base superstar I don't give information the given information is the volume of the volume of cone is 48 5 cm cube this is a volume given for and the height of the height value for the cone is given as 9 CM then where to find its diameter so the formula for volume formula for volume of cone volume of cone is equals to 1 by 3 5 Rs square H1 by 35 square h no the volume is given S48 5 that is equals to 1 by 3 into 5 into our square into age where is 9 already given no

39 in three times and this by and this I get cancel out so we have 48 is equals to 6 square into three now square that is radius square can be written as 48 / 3 now hear this 348 in 16 times to the radius square value is equal to 16 and the radius square is equals to 4 square 16 can be written as four square and on comparing both side we get the value of radius 4 cm radius of base is 4 cm but we have to calculate the diameter value to the diameter diameter of base diameter of base is equals to 2 x of radius is equals to 2 x of radius value so the diameter D is equals to

two times of radius that is 4 cm if the diameter is equals to 8 cm so this is our finance sir for this question thank you


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