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If the side of a square are ha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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GK questions she is that if the side of a square are halved then its area is the side of the square will be so there will be a change in area question is asking us what will happen to its area these are the four option of the things for fingers to choose the correct one know this is a square or not it is assumed that side of the square to be a window that all the four sides of a square are equal to all the force that we have assumed to be a then the area enclosed area of square area of square is equals to side reset the power to the area will be because we assume the side to be a so the area will be original area will be because later on we are going to have the side of the original area will be equal to side that is a reason the path to so this is the original area

write the units as because if there are no unit so square and Square unit will be the original area that is name this equation 1 now the question is in the side is halved that means the new site that is a new will be equal to 3 by 2 that is half of previous previous side a b o a new area and noting the new area by area new because the end we already know that the area is side equal to a square is Iris 870 noting the area by area in Orion you will be equal to a b to reach part because we are going to take the new site now that is now a bi to reach the path will be equal to E Square divided by the power to is 4 which will be equal to this is the original area One by fourth of

the square that is this is we know that from equation 1 this is the area that was original so the so we can observe that the new area of the square is One by fourth of original area that means the area has become one fourth so area has become one fourth now that is going to wear in to now go to option and see which of the option is correct because it has become 14 now a question for party option ECS that remains same as not seems that this option is not correct option B says that becomes half which is also not correct option c say that becomes one fourth and this is a correct option and answer to this question of indices that becomes double which is also not correct that's all thank you

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