If the roots of the equation , x^2+2c x+ab=0 are real and unequal, then the roots of the equation, x^2-2(a+b)x+(a^2+b^2+2c^2)=0 are: a. real and unequal b. real and equal c. imaginary d. Rational



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Updated On: 12-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone so here we have a question if the roots of the equation X square + 23 x + 8 = 20 are real and an equal then the roots of the equation X square - 2A + bx + a square + b square + c square equals to zero Hour we have four options we have to check which option is correct I'm going to solve this basically we have given X square + 2 X + ab = 20 it is given that it has real and equal roots it means that this discriminant will be greater than zero ok now this cabinet is nothing but b square - 4ac ok now I'm putting the values hai so it should be greater than zero then the value of wearing the to see - 4 times a is one and C is AB
01:00 - 01:59it should be greater than zero from where I can say that 4C square - 4 GB should be greater than zero this is equation 1 coming to the second equation X square minus 2 A B I am writing a x square - 2 X + b x + a square + b square + c square ok now this is equal to zero it is given to me now as the questions are the discriminant of this will be glad to find the discriminant of this basically discriminant is nothing but every told you that B square minus 4 now I'm putting the value and let's check condition for discriminating Sona b is -2 a + b here square - 4
02:00 - 02:5930 + b square + c square clear now to solve this thing I am going to square this site before a square + b square + 2 square this a + b whole square - 4 x square minus b square minus x minus 4 all over here now on opening this bracket you will COD 4 square bill cancel out the disparate square will cancel out this four square left with eight ab - off8ce ok now from here if I take two common from here I will live with Pur a b minus C square
03:00 - 03:59is greater than zero and here we have the rivers of that equation for arranging this equation set volume -1 to I'm taking a square minus of ok and just as already mentioned here it is greater than zero status greater than zero this is a positive quantity and it is a positive thing that's why - 2 X something positive it will be negative so we can say that it is less than zero which means that it is an imaginary root I am writing here it has imaginary Road check the options have options

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