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Coordinate Geometry


If the points A(6, 1), B(8, 2...

If the points A(6, 1), B(8, 2), C(9, 4) and D(p, 3) are the vertices of a parallelogram, taken in order, find the value of p.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : We know, diagonals of a parallelogram bisects each other.<br> It means,<br> Midpoint of `AC` = Midpoint of `BD`<br> As, we have to find value of `p`, we will take only x coordinates of `AC` and `BD`.<br> `(6+9)/2 = (8+p)/2`<br> `=>15 = 8+p=>p = 7`<br>


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Indian question if the points a b c and d are the vertices of a parallelogram then we have to find the value of P so we know that in a parallel in Palolem in a parallelogram diagonal in a parallelogram diagonals bisect each other so bisect each other so here we can say that the coordinates so the co-ordinate co-ordinate of midpoint of AC which is the diagonal of midpoint of midpoint of AC is equals to co-ordinate coordinates of midpoint of of midpoint point of PD so here we know that the formula for that is equal to

half of the other two coordinates the sum of other two coordinates so here we take this is a and that's so the coordinates are 6 and 9 so we take 6 + 9 upon to and similarly in the y-coordinate oneplus 4 divided by 2 and that one is equals to similarly Hai be shared a b and T coordinates so here we get a + b upon 2 + 2 + 3 upon to hair now we just a now by comparing so now by comparing comparing x-coordinate x-coordinate co-ordinate we get we get 6 + 9 upon 2 is equals to 8 + b

upon 2 so here it is equals to this too will cancel how and here we get 15 is equals to 8 + P to the value of P is equal to 7 and 8 answer