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Class 11






Straight Lines


If the points ((a^3)/((a-1))...

If the points `((a^3)/((a-1))),(((a^2-3))/((a-1))),((b^3)/(b-1)),((b^2-3)/((b-1)))`,`((c^3)/(c-1))` and `(((c^2-3))/((c-1))),` where `a , b , c` are different from 1, lie on the `l x+m y+n=0` , then (a) `a+b+c=-m/l` (b)`a b+b c+c a=n/l` (c)`a b c=((m+n))/l` (d)`a b c-(b c+c a+a b)+3(a+b+c)=0`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the questions given if the points A cube Upon A -1 a square minus 3 Upon A - 1 b cube upon the -1 b square minus 3 upon B - 1 C cube - 1 and c square minus 2 upon 3 minus one there a b c are different from one lie on the line X + Y + 3 = 20 then Hamen line given a l x + A + 1 equal to zero Ada Sare points Pillai karte hain that means it is form Mein Hoga into 3 Cube upon 3 minus 1 + m into square minus 3 upon 3 minus 1 + 1 equal to zero is that means Ellen to take you less admin to 30 square - 3 M + n t minus 3 equal to zero that means ho jaega l c Cube + empty square

+ n t minus 3 M + n is equal to zero is ka matlab kya hoga Agar ABC square roots m a + b + c is key value jaaiye main MBL ki equal + 80 + BC yo Jagah in Blk form Mein and a is used aaega 3M + in Biology for me to Hamara correct answer kya Hamare insert option A + B + c minus MBA option b-36 b + BC + CA quiz nvl and option d c where ab is equal to M + n by 10000 answer sorry option C Hamara Anthony km plus in given audio ga M - 3

hamare pass hi sari values to a gai hai so Agar Ham Dekhen ki A B C - BC + CA + 3 of ABC ASCII value Kitni Hogi 3M + 1 by x minus 3 Y + 3 of minus MBL that is zero to Hamara correct option hai option d a b c - BC + CA + 80 + 3 of a + b is equal to zero


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