If the origin and the non - real roots of the equation 3z^(2)+3z+lambda=0, AA lambda in R are the vertices of an equilateral triangle in the argand plane, then sqrt3 times the length of the triangle is



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Updated On: 7-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Hello today we have a question the question is if the origin and non real roots of the equation 3 z square + 3 Z + Lambda equal to zero Hour where Lambda belongs to are the vertices of an equilateral triangle in the argent plane then prove that three times the length of the triangle na l c are in our Persian we have a Nagin plan that is considered a plane equation which is as short as letters consider this to be our complain if this is our organ play this is our organ plane and why is the vertex of a h r Gan plane what are given that if origin and non real roots this is our equation right and this has two routes which are not really that means our organ play now again Premi never equilateral triangle who is one of the point
01:00 - 01:59which is 0 comments 0 and other two are the water other two other two are the roots of the equation which is 3 z square + 3 Z + Lambda is equal to Zero B water lettuce opposed roots Tumi Z1 if Z1 Z2 are the roots then other two sides of this and that Z1 and Z2 through the points on the satin plain this is what Z1 and let us suppose to be an asset to and now what will be a triangle year 2020 100 next 10 Z2 Ahmedabad z1z news at the sides of our excellent and what are the properties of triangle all the angles are equal then is this is 60° and 30° and 60°
02:00 - 02:59the angles of an equilateral triangle are 60 therefore what do we get here and given equation 3 X square + H R Gan plane 3 z square + 3 X + Lambda equal to zero is of the form X square + bx + c equal to zero now what are the sum of the roots of the equation sum of roots is equal to minus b b and what is product of the roots and product of roots is nothing that is equal to see why this what do we get here this is our product of the roads what is product of the roads Grand Inn to Z what is advantage and olanta Vetri SR No 3 behind z3 Z1 Plus led to some of the roots which is minus 3 by a is minus 3 by 3
03:00 - 03:592 - for this is what we got in here now what is that we have properties of our can play in here is this is a rather than plain and Z1 Z2 are the roots of the product of the roads that means there in our equation if we have that Z1 - 0 is equal to did that to -0.12 this is because this is our equilateral triangle and what are the sides is right z110 17 - 0 and this is Z1 and Z2 and are always equal yes because they were given triangle is an equilateral triangle that use if we do here it is substitutions and answer what do we get this implies that of German is equal to determinant of Z2 is easy for the determinant of Z1 - Z2 is how is it possible to have all the
04:00 - 04:59this 200 S let us assume in here that is as you in our triangle a2b decide Hero Z1 to be our site is this is a website in SBI and Z2 Android one and this is aur here here in our equation now A B and C are all this is equal to b l equality and b is equal to a motivated to find the value of your Z1 - 0 this is our Z1 - 0 life and the elements the length is equal to Z 2 - 0 bael into a power of what is it there between Z1 and Z2 what do we have we have this line that we have this line and hour angle
05:00 - 05:59which is nothing but what is 60° in iPad 32 degrees is equal to pi by 3 is what do we get here if you have that 2 - 0 violin Tui power I pi by 3 what is that we get here this and just kept and some that implies we get Z1 is equal to Z 2 ^ A B letter status equation to be equation and now lete solve padha what do we get what we have enough at the request of this site is done by people then decides what do we get Z1 - Z2 b l is equal to what do we get Kiya jawab to buy and is equal to 0 - that to buy a into a to the power of iota of what is it what is the angle we have
06:00 - 06:59Z1 - 82 and the other equation is minus b into I pi by 3 that was what do we get that one liner Z2 annul get cancelled is equal to minus 2 what is it ki power 5 by 3 that means what do we get your weekend Z1 is equal to Z 2 - That went to IIT Powai Auto 5 by 3 is this is our z1z let us take this as our equation to solve equation 1 + equation to what do we get here if they are both the equation Cena what do we get it to be if we add these to that means that two people Wi-Fi by three this is what we get here right this is our equation 1 Z1 is equal to this and other equation Z2 Wizard 1 is equal to Z 2 -
07:00 - 07:59ISI battery means what is advance square + Z 2 square is equal to Z and Z square of the terms we get segments represent the square is equal to that implies vaudevillian Z1 Plus set to whole square minus 2 said one side is attained by what we have here we bring to Z1 into Z2 yes that means your what do we get Z1 swear that 1 + 2 square is what is the advantage that to me have the advantage that true value was already know that it is minus 10 squared value is 1 is equal to 3 z1z 1 is equal to what is it was a 23 Lambda by three years that means what do ticket gets cancelled and slander is equal to 1
08:00 - 08:59now what are we supposed to find in our equation 3 X length of the triangle what is length of the triangle length of the triangle is nothing but any which is determinant of Z 1 -2 on square is equal to advance their + 2 square - 2 z1z what is advanced Patna se two square distance advance Z2 therefore what do we get here Z1 into Z2 -2 Z1 Z2 equal to minus 2 whole square now what is this value is minus cylinder by 3 no is this as for what is Lambda we already know it is 1 by 3 is Lambda is on its subsidiaries media disturbing 1 by 3 minus b is equal to 1 by
09:00 - 09:59now what is it value Peter's square root on both the sides is equal to 1 by root 3 Nautanki suppose to find this is the left right to have to find root 3 X 3 into 10 unit of Z1 - 82 is equal to 1 by root 3 into root is equal to 3 times it is option one is Agar

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