Updated on:30/05/2023

If the number of elements in the power set of set A is 128 then find the number of elements in the set A .



restaurants in this question we have given that number of elements in power set of set a is basically 128 and we need to find the number of elements in set a so we know that if if set a contains contains an element an element then we can say that power set of a contest to rest power an element and in the question it says that tourist power n is basically 128 in the question it said that and here and it's basically number of element from here we can see that tourist power n is equal to raise to power 7 now we have to compare the exponents of this so basically we can say that from here an equal to 7 Shubham heavy considered number of elements number of element in set a insert a is basically equal to 7
is equal to 7 CBSE our answer thank you


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