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If the mode of 22 ,\ 21 ,\ 23 ...

If the mode of 22 ,\ 21 ,\ 23 ,\ 24 ,\ 21 ,\ 20 ,\ 23 ,\ 26 ,\ x and 26 is 23, then x=



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Updated On: 23-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the given question say that if the mode of 20 21 22 23 24 2122 sorry 2020 326 XN 2623 so we are given the mode of this data these are the observations and the mood is 23 then we are asked to find out the value of x and x is equal to what were the 11 data which is missing that is X and was able to find the value of x no hearing to find out the mood is at the forefront of this approach in DB to choose the correct option what is mode mode is that observation which occurs in the data maximum number of times maximum number of
01:00 - 01:59times that observation will be called as Mod now we observe this data carefully then the observation 21 the observation 21 is coming for two times the observation 23 is there and there it is also coming for 2 times and observation 26 also coming to X so what do you observe that there is a tie between 2123 and 26 all three are occurring for the same number of times that is too and other than this all the observations are coming for coming only ones that means they don't they should not be considered for mode only these two observations will be considered 4 the mode now we are also given the mode of the data mode of the data is given as 23 so for the mode to be 2323 have to
02:00 - 02:59most number of times and there is only one did that is missing the digit that is missing his acts that means x is equal to 23 because this is the only way by which 23 becomes that the observation which she is coming for maximum number of times that is 3 therefore qualified to become a mode therefore we can see that the value of x should be 23 and the reason is that mode is observation which occurs maximum number of times 423 to Aakar maximum number of times it you it should have it should occur at least one more times and that one more time will be when the value of x is equal to 23 to the value of x 23 let's go to the options for auction is a 20 which is not correct of Hindi season 21 which is also not correct option C says that 23 which is the correct option in answer to this question that's all thank you

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