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If the locus of the moving poin P(x,y) satisfying `sqrt((x-1)^(2)+y^(2))+sqrt((x+1)^(2)+(y-sqrt(12))^(2))=a` is an ellipse, then find the values of a.

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We have `underset("distance between" P(x,y) and S (1,0))(sqrt((x-1)^(2)+y^(2)))+underset("distance between"P(x,y)and S' (-1sqrt(12)))sqrt((x+1)^(2)+(y-sqrt(12))^(2))=a` <br>`:. SP+S'P=a` <br> So, licus of P is ellipse if <br> `agtSS'` <br> or `agtsqrt(4+12)` <br> or `agt4`

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