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Class 12






Properties And Solution Of Triangles


If the length of tangents from...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Area of `DeltaABC is 12sqrt6``r_(1), r_(2), r _(3)` are in HP a,b,c are in AP `r= (4 sqrt6)/(3)`

Answer : B

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welcome to doubtnut so this is a question if the length of tangents from abc to incircle of triangle ABC are 468 then which of the following is or are correct all symbol used as usual meaning in a triangle option one area of triangle ABC is equal to 12 route 6 option to R1 R2 R3 are in HP option 3 a b c are in HP AP an option for Rs equal to 4 root 6 b three sunao let's draw the figure was so there is a triangle so there is there is a triangle ABC and it is and there is an in so-called in this Triangle in circle industry there is an in circle in this

so this is the speaker sunao this is my point a this is my point B and this is my point and their touching at these what is that these points so length of tangent from a is 4 so as we know that length length of tangent to a circle are equal so this would before and this would be four and from b at a 66 and from see it is it so if you are considering if you are considering this as if you are considering this side as a

this side as we decide 80 so my age is equal to 14 b is equal to 12 and C is equal to 10 and as we can see that they are in AP a b c are in AP because they have a common difference of the is equal to 2 aur 2 b is equal to AC let's find out to into medal is equal to a + c sources 14 plus 10 uses 24 is equal to 24 so I can see that my this condition a b c are in AP is fulfilled so let me check and move ahead in the question so I will be checking for the area area is given by semi-perimeter which is a + b

A plus bi to this would be 14 + 12 + 10 upon to this should be 26% 36 by to show a sequel to 18 so area area triangle ABC is given as under the root of 2 is minus a minus b minus C Block in the values of this should be under the route of es18s - 18 - 1489 let me right this 18 - 14 18 - b is 12 and this is 18 - 10 so this is equal to under root of 18 and 24 into 6 into

it would be so this would be equal to after opening the roots so18 2640 let me Jaise open the rules were here so this would be equal to 24 root 6 24 60 gnits where you so let me check if the areas is correct no it is not correct it is incorrect let me move ahead to the question and check for the are aur for the HP harmonic progression show R1 is from here are one is given as upon x minus 2 is given as upon x minus b and r 3 is given as is area upon x minus 3 where a denotes

area of this is clear so this is equal to this is equal to x minus A R 1 is equal to 1 upon SS w es18s is 18 - 18 - 14 or 2 upon x minus b Oasis 18 - 12 and R3 would be a upon 1 minus x minus 18 - 10 18 - 10 so what is our from this so I can write this one upon R 1 is equal to 4 upon area 1 upon 2 is equal to 6 upon area 8946 and 1 upon 3 is equal to 8

point correct so 1 upon 1 1 upon 2 and 1 upon 3 are in AP because they are the common difference am so let me see if they are in AP so that need to be is equal to a + b into four sections we did the same things to do in 26 by a is equal to 4 by a + 8 by let me check this is 12 by a is also 12 by so as one upon our one upon or two so as one upon our 11 upon or two and one upon our three are in AP that means therefore R1 R2 and R3 are in HP harmonic progression so so this also holds true for my correct options are option to an

option 3 respectively I hope you understood the explanation thank you

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