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Class 12






Application Of Derivatives


If the function f(x)=x^3-6x^2+...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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are even in this question we have a function that is x cube minus 6 X square + a x + b that defined on 123 interval satisfy the rules theorem for PC and this is equals to 2 root 3 + 1 by root 3 and root 2 find the value of A and B now let me tell about let me tell you about something about Rose theorem theorem Hai c basic necessary quantities first function must be continuous and Differential and differentiable in a to b s f of a equals to fft and third there is a c such that a b is equals to zero for all she belongs to a to be this is the basic Funda of rolle's theorem now here

my function is what my function is hereby function is what my function here is x cube minus 6 X square + a x + b if I differentiate or let me let me satisfy the second condition right let me satisfied to go through the second interval is that it belongs to X belongs to 123 123 so here are my is 12 if I calculate the value of I have 1 - 6 + A + B and the answer is a plus b minus 5 by 5 calculator 3 I have 27 - 54 + 3 + B3 + b minus 27 now I can say that everyone is equals to add three this is the necessary condition of

Rustom so A plus B minus five equals two 38 + b minus 27 se we will get cancel I have pure equal to 22 and the value of a is 11:11 now let's differentiate the function so we have a process as 3 x square - 2 X + a you can see that B is it appeared in post the cases in the first case also we get cancel out and why differentiation by doing the derivative of it be is also when is right for you can put FB is when is like that you can put any value of it because there is no relevancy of pain the question to my answer is the value of a will be 11 and the value of P belongs to train number and this is my solution thank you

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