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If the equation p x^2+(2-q)x y...

If the equation p x^2+(2-q)x y+3y^2-6q x+30 y+6q=0 represents a circle, then find the values of pa n dqdot



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Updated On: 26-4-2021

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Solution :
In the equation of circle, the xy term does not occur and the coefficients of `x^(2)` and `y^(2)` are equal. Therefore, <br> `2-q=0` or `q=2` <br> and `p=3` <br> Also, for these values of p and q, the circle is real.



00:00 - 00:59so we have a question if the equation X square + 2 - 2 X Y + 3 y square - 6 X + 30 Y + 62 equal to zero then represent represent a circle then find the value of P and Q I have already written the general equation of second degree line second degree third if you want to be satisfied that their this equation this general equation represent a circle then there are the two condition that is coefficient of x square equal to coefficient of wire square feet is equal to be should be and coefficient of x y equal to zero that is it should be zero right so we have a question P X square + 2 - q x y + 3 y square - 6
01:00 - 01:59xy + 3031 + 6 cube equal to zero now if you compare this equation with general equation we get equal to 3 write coefficient of X should be equal to coefficient of why that mean we got ft equal to 3 and coefficient of x y that is H should be zero that is to minus Q should be zero and we got two equal to zero two equal to thank you

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