If the equation ax^(2) + bx + 6 = 0 has real roots, where a in R, b in R, then the greatest value of 3a + b, is



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Updated On: 23-5-2021

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Let `3a + b = lambda` <br> Since the equation `ax^(2) + bx + 6 = 0` has real roots. <br> `therefore" "b^(2) - 24 a ge 0` <br> `rArr" "b^(2) - 8(lambda - b) ge 0" "[because 3a + b = lambda]` <br> `rArr" "b^(2)+8b - 8 lambda ge 0` for all b `in` R <br> `rArr" "64 + 32 lambda le 0 rArr lambda le -2` <br> Hence, the greatest value of `lambda` is -2.



00:00 - 00:59hello the question question is X square + bx + 6 has real roots and belongs to real number then where to find the greatest value of 38 + equation X square + 3 X + 6 is equal to zero and we have to find Max value of 3A + B2 let's assume a + b is equal to Lambda 2008 junction now writing has both real roots that it will be greater than equal to zero no finding it discriminant of this b square - 4ac is greater than equal to zero Patang values B square minus 8 into Lambda
01:00 - 01:59minus b is greater than equal to zero now we can write this b square mine + 84 - 8 Lambda is greater than equal to zero now this is another quadratic equation in terms of it is always positive or equal to zero then that it's discriminant will be less than or equal to zero so for creation this will be less than equal to zero no Patang b square - 4ac 5454 b square +
02:00 - 02:598 Lambda into + 8 Lambda is less than equal to zero now it has taken it common to write in 2464 plus 32 Lambda is less than equal to zero not taken 32 common here with two plus land less than equal to zero and Lambda is less than equal to minus 2 what we got from here that Lambda is less than or equal to minus 2 where to find the largest possible value of 3 a + b which is equal to land the largest possible value is -2 that our option fees thanks for watching

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