If the equation 3x2+xyy23x+6y+k=0 represents a pair of straight lines, then the value of k, is


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the question is if the equation 3 X square + x square minus y square - 3 x + 6 Y + K is equal to zero pair of straight lines then the value of k is to first we will see the standard equation of straight line switches X square + Y square + 2 X X Y + 2 g x + 2 Y + C is equal to zero we are given the equation 3 x square minus y square + x y - 3 x + 6 Y + ke to be equal to read a efficiency that take out to be 3b will be equal to -1 h will be equal to 1 by 2 ji will be equal to minus 3 by 2 the value of f will be equal to 6.2 which is 3 and the value of C will be equal to K Now since this is represent a straight line
so the determinant of a hgh BF GF will be equal to zero and substitute values of a will get determinant of 3 1 by 2 minus 3 by 2 1 by 2 minus 13 - 3 by 2 3 and K and this will be equal to the now solving the determinant we will get 3 into we will exclude these two lines on cross multiply that will become - - 9 - 1 by 2 into normal excluded two lines of cross multiply other this will become Ke by 2 minus 3 into minus 3 by 2 minus 3 by 2 into now we will exclude these two lines are cross multiply that this will become 3 by 2 minus minus 1 into minus 3 by 2 and this is equal to zero if we cross multiply we will get -3 ke -2
87 - ke before this - 3 - would become plus this will become - 9 by 4 minus 3 by 2 into 10 - 3 - + and if we get cancelled so we will be described equal to zero is equal to zero to from here we get -3 ke - Ke by 4 is equal to 27 + 9 by 4 feet at the LCM become -12 ke - ke divided by 4 is equal to 10 8 plus 900/4 That Give 10 - of 13 K is equal to 117 from here we get the value of k to be -9 so now we look at our options are option number 3 become the correct answer

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