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If the distance between the fo...

If the distance between the foci of an ellipse is equal to length of minor axis, then its eccentricity is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello guys this is the today's question who have given it a condition where the distance between the portion of an ellipse is equal to the length of the minor axis then had to find a Centre city of the ellipse it's getting the solution that contain x x square y square + Y square by b squared equals to 1 and a greater than be ok so the force of the become plus 4 - Kama zero and the distance between two forces nothing but to a and the length of the major axis of measure access is nothing but to a similarly length of minor axis is nothing but to be it is given that the distance between AC is equals to the length of the major

Axis distance between force is equal to the length of the minor axis sorry then to you becomes is equals to be to to cancel order so that then a is equals to be we know that is intensity of their lives is given by root over a square minus b square b square which is nothing but over 1 minus b square by a square OK you know that here by a is nothing but we substitute here we get is equals to root over 1 - is which is nothing but a square is equals to 1 minus A square then we get to a square is equals to 1 week and SN2 city as one by root to this is the state or city of the ellipse whose condition is distance between force is equals to length of memory access in the video

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