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Class 12






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


if the complex no z_1 , z_2 an...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`z_(1)+z_(2)=z_(3)``z_(1)+z_(2)+z_(3)=0`` z_(1)z_(2)= 1/z_(3)` `z_(1)-z_(2)=z_(3)-z_(2)`

Answer : B

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hello question is a complex number Z1 Z2 z3 represent the vertices of an equilateral triangle such that model set 1 is equals to model that is equal to what exactly 10 relation among Z1 Z2 z3 is the first of all we have a access is accepted this is why this and it is given that it is a right and equilateral triangle equilateral triangle is just like this is the centre and Centre is O lady created triangle BA and it comes out to be decide decide is all equal because it is an equilateral triangle can say that a point is that one A to B is nothing but that two and three nothing but z3 now you can say that a is equals to o b is equals to this oe OB and OC by because they are just Centre oils and centroid of this Central and is the triangle you can see that model that one is equals to model that too is equals to modern poetry As given in the question

and oe can write is equal to Z 1 X model that one can write as models that to and OC can be written as z3 in Mod now this show is nothing but circumcentre of equilateral triangle now we can write this is equals to Z1 and b is equals to Z 2 and C is equals to z3 of triangle ABC is nothing but this is equals to centroid because any centroid you know the formula of X + Y + that divide by 3 is the formula of centroid hair ABC is nothing but Z1 Plus Z2 plus that three because the centroid of the triangle ABC ad is equal triangle / 3 now circumcentre the circumstances coincide with the strangle it can be written as this is equal to zero because i m a triangle ABC is equal to zero at oneplus Z2 plus get 3.3 is equal to zero can say that

that 1 + 2 + 3 is equal to zero which is a required relation that is option number bi I hope it via thank you

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