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Class 11






Binomial Theorem And Its Applciations


If the coefficient of the 5^(t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer :  b
Solution : We know that the coefficient of the middle term is <br> the numerically greatest coefficient in the expansion of `(1 - x)^(n)` <br> or ` (1 + x)^(n)` and its value is ` ""^(n)C_(n//2) or (""^(n)C_(n+1))/(2) - (""^(n)C_(n-1))/(2)` according <br> as n is even or odd. <br> It is given that the coefficient of the `5^(th)` term is the greatest <br> Therefore, `5^(th)` term is the middle term, there are 9 terms <br> Hence, n = 8.

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the question is if the coefficient of the 5th term by the numerical with the greatest Coefficient in the expansion of 1 - x to the power and then the positive integral value a nice dessert options now we should know that the middle term in the expansion of the middle term in the expansion of expansion the middle term in the expansion of 1 - x to the power and power oneplus x to the power and is the is numerically the greatest numerically the greatest greatest Coefficient just need to find the middle term show in the question

given the term is the America ticket assumption middle term is middle term is near the 5th term so the total number of terms in the series is N + 1 we know ok so middle term would be and 22 this should be equal to 5 from heavy get and its 10 - 1 is equal to 9 p.m. option number one is correct

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