If the chord of contact of the tangents from the point (alpha, beta) to the circle x^(2)+y^(2)=r_(1)^(2) is a tangent to the circle (x-a)^(2)+(y-b)^(2)=r_(2)^(2), then



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Updated On: 9-6-2021

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`r_(2)^(2)(alpha^(2)+beta^(2))=(r_(1)^(2)- a alpha - b beta)^(2)``r_(2)^(2)(alpha^(2)+beta^(2))=(r_(1)^(2)+a alpha=b beta)^(2)``r_(2)^(2)(alpha^(2)+beta^(2))=(r_(1)^(2)-a alpha +b beta)^(2)``r_(2)^(2)(alpha^(2)+beta^(2))=(r_(1)^(2)+a alpha+b beta)^(2)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59Hello today we have a question the question is is a chord of contact of tangent from the point alpha and beta to the circle X square + Y square equal to our shared this is our circle and what is PowerPoint PowerPoint is alpha and beta are shown in the figure are drawn from P to the circle this is our first circle with this is our circle and this is our point yes now what is the centre of this event for circle the circle Centre is nothing 100 is because it is given that our circle is a square + b square and what is the radius of the circle radius R1 that means if we have this line from here this one is R1 know what are given you are given that a chord of contact this chord of contact is tangent to the circle x minus C whole square + a minus b whole square equal to after square circle what is centre centre is economy and its radius r
01:00 - 01:59that means that the second circle this is a point a Kanave Kanave is its centre and what is r2r to is nothing but this is the radius R is to Fir the circuit now in this question what are you supposed to do we have to find the equation of chord of contact is it find the equation of chord of contact what do we get it to be initially have to find the equation of chord of contact that means equation of line ab equation of line equation of chord of contact which is equal to class equation of chord of contact is that means in our question X Into X 1 + Y into Y1 this code of Kannur what is it is equal to a square are not because the circle X square + Y square equal to a square what do we get
02:00 - 02:59contact to be exempted from baseline to why 1 is equal to that means in our equation what is xx1x Y1 the point alpha and beta that any one plus into minus beta is equal to what is radius R what that means in our question what do we get this is our equation lete supposed to be equation number what is the product classification hear our second calculate x minus C whole square + Y minus b whole square is equal to 8 to Z tangent to this line one is X and to our circuit that means what is equation of tangent to a circle is Audi Service Centre advertisers to be auto auto and this is a one is what do we get here auto to ab now
03:00 - 03:59perpendicular distance from auto to abe is a perpendicular taking this to be a perpendicular what is perpendicular distance perpendicular distance is not too but what is it we get here perpendicular distance is equal to radius which is equal to latest B what is the perpendicular distance from the point A to the line x alpha + beta + 1 equal to I was because this is our forever perpendicular distances between two alpha + sin 2 theta minus 1 divided by what is it is alpha squire plus Bita squire what is it is equal to radius R2 is always what do we get if it is wearing a both sides reduce swelling
04:00 - 04:59both sides in here alpha + beta minus 1 whole square divided by Alpha square plus b square is equal to naukar simplification what do we get here we get alpha + beta minus y square is equal to minus b whole square is equal to which is equal to or two square into Alpha squire Plus Bita squire is our solutions sea water options are in which one is correct what we have here after square into Alpha square plus beta spread this is gonna stand there and what is our left anterior alpha + beta minus R1 square now where do we get our 1 - sin alpha minus beta can we write this as like that because if we multiply with -1 inside minus 1 whole square what do we get it Alpha Alpha 1 square yard in square -
05:00 - 05:59abe beta over option one is our answer hope you understand thank you

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