If the area bounded by the curve y=f(x), x-axis and the ordinates x=1 and x=b is (b-1) sin(3b+4), then find f(x).



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Updated On: 13-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59this question given that if the area bounded by the curve y = 2 x x x axis and the ordinate sax equal to 1 and X equals to B is equals to B minus 1 into sin 3 + 4 then we need to find the value of a little support that it is your content access and this power function effects now the ordinate given its equal to 1 and X equals to lete supported baby greater than 1 row data support the equals to 1 and this be equal to be so the required area between the coordinates access to an excuse to be will be caused to Limit 12 bi vi DX and the value of Y is equals to affect effect dear integration 12 B now in the question we are given that this area if the area and this
01:00 - 01:59area is equals to minus 1 into sin 3 + 4 so we can write down their integration 12 bi effects and this is equal to -1 Saina TV plus 4 sin Ti bi plus 4 now latest differentiate both side with respect to be and we will differentiate our integral using the Newton leibniz rule so this will be equals to F into differentiation of we will be equal to 13 years differentiating with respect to be minor I will have 0 is 1 is a constant so on the right hand side will differentiate this using the product you will say that Idiots of UV is equal to you
02:00 - 02:59by a minus b cube by DM so later support that they are you and will be our be so it will be equal to b minus 1 into differentiation of sin 30 + for now we know that differentiation of sin x is equals to cos it here it is equal to cos of three plus 4 now according to change double also differentiate 3 + 4 and differentiation of three plus 4 with respect to be will be equal to 3 into 3 - differentiation of B minus one will give us one and here we will be left with sign of 3 b + so record the value of f b equals to B minus 1 into cos 3 + 4 root 3 minus sign into three plus 4 letters replace be with x on both the side
03:00 - 03:59so we will have effects equals to 3 x minus 1 cos of 3 X + 4 cos of X + 4 minus Sin A minus sin 3x + 4 and this is our required answer

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