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Different Products Of Vectors And Their Geometrical Applications


If the angle between unit vect...

If the angle between unit vectors `veca and vecb is 60^(@)` . Then find the value of `|veca -vecb|`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `|veca-vecb|^(2)=(veca-vecb).(veca-vecb)` <br> `=a^(2)+b^(2)-2(veca.vecb)` <br> `1+1-2(1.1.costheta)` <br> `2(1-1/2)=1`


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Halloween in this question it is given that if angle between unit vector a and vector b is 60 degrees then we have to find the value of a minus b ok Super Bowl it is given the question that is both a unit vector and angle between them is 60 degree so you won't let you means manual of a and magnitude of will be equals to 1 ok this means innovator and theatre that is angle between them is given that is 60° OK then we are to find the value of vector a minus b ok so for finding this lets square this ok I'll tell you why square this ok now it will be a minus b and X vector a minus b ok but I managed to be now this is a minus b whole square that is

a square + b square and minus of to AV Mysore to ab ok so why foot square here because I want to have even terms of dot product formula then I can apply angle between them ok so now I can find value of this is a man's be easily ok that was our Motto that's why I X 20 2 X ok now it will be equal to what the solving this it will be a man is one ok so one square Bhim attitude is also one to one square - 2 year it is not but we know that form the for.ed year first met s b and Cos theta of angle between them ok no again let's put the values it will be 2 - 2 bracket there a better and

get value is 1 show 1 x Cos 60 degree it is given to syndication that angle between them is 60 degree now -2 and Cos 60 is one upon two ok Sone solving this my a minus b whole square and having whole square here will be equals to a to cancel with 22 miles one will be so my whole square value will be equal to 1 so therefore if I remove square here a minus b vector will be equals to this is the value this is the value we were asked to find the question thank you