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Class 9






Chapter Revision (Stage 2)


If the amounts of two consecut...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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here we have a question if the amount of two consecutive years on a sum of money are in the ratio 20 ratio 21 then find the rate of interest sunao Leti amount after 1 year is let amount after one year is a upon the amount of an principle which is 21 upon 20 this is equation first so the formula for finding the amount through compound interest is as we know a equal to P in a bracket 1 + are 100 times and this is power and where

PS principal and is a number of year and R is rate react to find rate now if a equal to 1 + R by hundred where and so from first we get ap is 21 as a is amount after a kaun si cute year from first we put a

by P so so that are equation and with relation with where ap is 21 by 20 and oneplus r110 will be one year it will be when we solve it will be so 2122 oneplus r100 so we can write it as a r r y hundred equal to 21 wire 20 - 1 which is equal to which is equal to 21 - 2020 it will be won by 20 therefore

are equal to hundred by 20 so it will be five so this is our the rate of interest so

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