Updated on:26/04/2023

If tanθ=17 , find the value of cosec2θsec2θcosec2θ+sec2θ .



by now that you make a triangle described it and if this is theta and this is our perpendicular this is all we know that tan theta is equal to perpendicular bye baby you know that 1 by root form that is equal to 1 and we have is equals to root now we can find the X square + b square is equals to
equal to under root 8 that is equals to 2 root 2 now we have a value be happy and you know that I know that cos theta is equals to happiness by perpendicular to root 2 divided by 1 is equals to 2 root 2 similarly similarly sexy x is equals to have bitten by a is equals to 2 root 2 divided by root sexy pic and fine by putting this value into
get our Desire ok now now we put value to find the value of cot square theta minus sec square theta divided by cos square theta + sec square theta cosec square theta + sec this is mine minus 2 root 2 divided by root 7 ok so here we have divided by sin square theta whole square + 7 whole square now PC
Vinod that 2 root 2 is equal squares 8 - 87 we have 8 plus 817 so this will be is equals to 56 - 8756 ok this implies that 56 - 8 is equal to 4878 cancel out 48/56 plus ok value will give value 3 by 4 OK


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