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If tanβ=2sinαsinγcosec(α+γ), then cotα,cotβ,cotγ are in


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none of these.
The correct Answer is A
or cosβ=sin(α+γ)2sinαsinβ
or 2cotβ=sinαcosγ+cosαsinγsinαsinγ=cotα+cotγ
or cotα,cotβ,cotγ are in AP.


hello welcome to doubt this question given if 10 beta is equal to 2 into and grammar into cortex Alpha Plus drama then got alpha beta and court Jama in AP GP HP is beta beta is equal to 2 sin alpha into sin grammar into cos alpha + Gamma OK then we can write Court beta is equal to what beta is equal to 1 upon root sin alpha into sin Gama into Kaushik Alpha Plus Gama ok and since we know that sin theta is equal to 1 by cos theta
then we can write fine upon 2 into sin alpha Gamma equal to cos theta cot theta is equal to sin alpha + Gamma can be written as sin C + C + D and this can be written as sin theta into cos B then find in Gamma plus cos alpha Gamma upon sin alpha into sin Gama went to court beta is equal to ok sin alpha into cos the more upon
Gama + cos alpha into sin Gama upon sin alpha into sin Gama ok sin alpha and Final Fight cancel out and sign Gamma sign kam I cancel out then we can write two into beta is equal to the cord beta is equal to cos gana open sign is Court Gama + cos alpha upon sin Alpha Alpha ok required condition ok if and when we see clearly this equation OK then we can write Court Alpha hot beta and court Gama are in AP ok this is a rider
when the option of this question then option is the right answer of question thank you


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