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If sum_(r=0)^(2n)a_r(x-2)^r=su...

If sum_(r=0)^(2n)a_r(x-2)^r=sum_(r=0)^(2n)b_r(x-3)^ra n da_k=1 for all kgeqn , then show that b_n=^(2n+1)C_(n+1) .



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00:00 - 00:591022 M - 226023 value lips are the solution here we have given list Let Me 2 x minus 3 is equal to X + Y + 1 ^ this becomes summation R is equal to zero to b r y a n we can expand give me a note A1
01:00 - 01:59Y + to the power n minus 1 + 1 + Y to the power 2 in which is equal to permission R is equal 2022 m r y are used to find out how to find the value of a means to find the value of b and b have to give me the next two equal to be because you have to find out the value of B and next to the following
02:00 - 02:59n + 1 + 1 equal to English to how we can you play This one because value of pension is equal to N + 1 cm class 12 inch is equal to how to apply this formula in the first two terms it will give me to see in plus 12 cm and 12 cm is equal to b and taking the next to town these two terms will be in plus 3 C
03:00 - 03:59plus one stone 2ncn is equal to be after solving the same way it will give two in plus one see in 1 is equal to be this is the required answer answer answer 20cm + 1 is equal to

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