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If [.] stands for the greatest...

If [.] stands for the greatest integer function, then int_(1)^(2) [3x]dx is equal to



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Updated On: 25-5-2021

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Answer :
Solution :
We observe that when `x in [1,2], 3x in [3,6]`. <br> `:.overset(2)underset(1)int [3x]dx=overset(4//3)underset(1)int[3x]dx+overset(5//3)underset(4//3)int[3x]dx+overset(6//3)underset(5//3)int[3x]dx` <br> `rArr overset(2)underset(1)int [3x]dx=overset(4//3)underset(1)int 3dx+overset(5//3)underset(4//3)int 4dx+overset(6//3)underset(5//3)int 5dx`<br> `rArr overset(2)underset(2)int [3x]dx=3((4)/(3)-1)+4((5)/(3)-(4)/(3))+5((6)/(3)-(6)/(3))=1+(4)/(3)+(5)/(3)=4`



00:00 - 00:59hello Jay Shri Krishna Govind roses box of this function box of extant for the greatest is a wrong then the integration of 1 to 23 weeks after the value of 122 greatest integer function is box of 3 newton is a function to see how this greatest integer function break this breaks like now it's me when the eggs from 12 to be up to calculate between these incredible that we break the limits in such a way that the answer comes out to be that comes out easily
01:00 - 01:59take the limit from 1 and 24 by 3 then the value of 3x film equals to limit is your 12434 batteries not included so the value of this function box of 3 X 3 come out to be 3y Vikas 4 by 3 is not included in the interval of everything smaller than 4 by 3 will be free point something and we know that the integral part of three point something l a y 3.5 I can be anything ok so this will give us the value 3 the greatest DJ function takes integral part of any number ok so this gives us tree and its easy nextlimit to when
02:00 - 02:59324 325 3vc then the greatest danger of 3x will give us ok this is what the greatest teacher function of the equation for similarly we can write for 532693 that is 200 km from 1 to 25 now this limit America is integral I can be written as I becomes duration of 12453 when we break this will get eliminated Plus
03:00 - 03:59from 43253 this will be 4th year 434 DS plus the next meet 532693 that is 25 date this is how the limit break now will solve this question I will become the reason of excess and integration of DX is this will be 3124 b + 2 x of text limit 4 by 3 to 5 by 3 + 5 x of x from limit 523263 that is to be equal to
04:00 - 04:593 into 3 - 1 + 2 into 53 - 4 by 3 + 5 into 6 by 3 minus 5 by 3 is equal to 4 by 3 minus 3 is will be equal to 3 X 1 by 3 + this will be 1 by 3 4 by 3 + receive equals to 5 by this is equal to 9 by 39333 plus one that is a option expiry options for the question 4 is the answer is option to is correct thank you

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