Updated on:30/05/2023

If sinx+cosecx=2, then sinnx+cosecnx is equal to 2 (b) 2n (c) 2n1 (d) 2n2



so the question is a sin x + cos x is equals to 2 then we have to find sin raise to the power n x + cosec raise to the power and we have given that a + Cos A equal to which implies one upon sin photo because we know post one upon sin this implies sin square x + 1 upon sin x = 2 Tum now this is equal to X square + 1 equal to sin sin square x minus y + 1 equal to zero now this becomes a quadratic equation and breathing problems faced by putting the middle term so we have
sin square x minus x minus 5 minute + 1 equal to zero then we heart it into x minus 1 and 2 here we will take common -12 we have sinus into sin x minus 1 equal to zero so we have you finance is 10 that courts act as is equals to sin is equal to 10 science is so we have the value of now we have to find the power n +
which is equals to sin x to the power and 12 x ^ this is equals to 1 to the power n + 1 equal to 1 + 1 richest to so we have signed and also to NPR


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